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People in Arkansas' History

Irma Hunter Brown: First black woman to serve in the Arkansas House of Representative and the first to serve in the Arkansas State Senate.

Jocelyn Elders: First black woman to serve as Director of the Arkansas Department of Health and the first African American to serve as United States Surgeon General.

Joseph Carter Corbin: First African American State Superintendent of Instruction (Education) in Arkansas.

James E.K. Hildreth: First black Rhodes Scholar from Arkansas.

Florence B. Price: First black woman to have a symphony performed by an American orchestra. Her Symphony in E Minor was played by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 1933.

Rodney Slater: First black member of the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Commission and the first black director of the Federal Highway Commission.
Integration of Arkansas Public Schools
September 23, 1957: Nine black students integrate Central High School in Little Rock. The students had to be removed for their safety.

September 25, 1957: Federal troops escort the students, who became known as the Little Rock Nine, into Central High School for their first full day of classes.

May 25, 1958: Ernest Green became the first African American to graduate from Central High School.

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Mosaic Templars Cultural Center
Little Rock, AK

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