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Black History for the Classroom

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First African Americans in the
Three Branches of Government

Civil Rights Movement
African Americans in Wars and Conflicts

Historic Cases and Major Events

Mini Bios of Outstanding African Americans   

Black History in Museums

Products of a Creative Mind: African American Invention & Innovation
opening August 2015

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We Teach Black History
Interactive Presentations,
Exhibits and Displays

Black History
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in grades K-12

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This Month in Black History


Frederick D. Gregory served as spaceship commander aboard Discovery that launched from the Kennedy Space Center in November 1989.

More this month in Black History...

Black Hero of the Civil War

Robert Smalls was a pilot on a Confederate steamboat called
 The Planter.

In May 1862, when the white crew members went ashore at the port of Charleston, Smalls took over the boat and sailed the 300-ton vessel to the Union side.


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